Dear colleagues and friends from  Latin America and all over the world:

The conference organizers are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the 1st Latin American Regional Conference of Psychology (LARCP 2015) and the Colombian Congress of Psychology 2015, that will be held September 2nd - September 5th, 2015 in Armenia, Colombia. The joint conference is being hosted by The Colombian College of Psychologists (COLPSIC) and the Colombian Association of Psychology Faculties (ASCOFAPSI). We are pleased to announce that LARCP is being held under the aegis of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), in collaboration with the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and the International Association for Cross - Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

It is a great honor for Colombian Psychology to be the host of this important event as well as to provide a true meeting point for Latin American psychologists and fellow colleagues from all over the world. On this occasion, the aim is to strengthen the link between research, professional training and practice, and to be able to reflect on ethical and bioethical aspects. Also, there is an expectation that the experiences shared during this event will contribute to the development of a suitable and diverse culture of what a psychological science is along with the well-being of people, groups and communities.

The conference motto is "Progress and Challenges in Latin American Psychology” upon which we all have a common objective: to contribute to the development of psychology and to create ties between regional colleagues within an international perspective. Thus, this is an invitation for the academic and applied community of psychologists, including those with qualifications but who are currently uninvolved in professional praxis, to make a statement together from a psychological perspective.

Accordingly, the 1st Latin American Regional Conference 2015 and the Colombian Congress of Psychology 2015 will gather multiple nationalities, varied conceptual approaches, joint experiences in addition to discussions on issues related to the theory and praxis of psychology.  Likewise, as a speaker or attendee you will have an active role and the opportunity to interact with colleagues that can enhance your knowledge and reflections on a wide variety of topics.

Moreover, it is a great privilege for us to invite you to visit the country of Colombia which offers a multicultural environment and an exotic setting as well as numerous alternatives in its cuisine, entertainment, music, weather and wildlife, among others.

On this occasion, the event will take place in the city of Armenia which is acknowledged as the land of coffee and has been recognized as a “cultural and touristic heritage for the human race” by the UNESCO. Furthermore, this area is known to have regular flights and a wide variety of hotels to be able to enjoy your stay there and other places around Colombia considering that it is located right in the center of the country.

We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you in Armenia, Colombia this upcoming September 2015 and we hope that together we can make this a meaningful academic and social event.
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Email:congreso 2015@colpsic.orgco

Colombia awaits for you. Welcome!